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One of the VIP WordPress hosting. You might be wondering, what is the WP Engine Review? Lets binge into the reading of WP engine review.


As the world has literally turned into the digital era, every work of ours is on the tips of fingers and you can do anything and everything online and totally on an internet-based program.

Whether it is your grocery shopping or conducting your business. As coins have two sides. Similarly, the internet has its pros and cons to show. 

There are so many drawbacks to the internet too. By having all the knowledge of the cons of the internet, the question always arises: is it safe to publish or rely upon the internet for everything, is your business data safe? Are your blogs on WordPress safe? For that, there is always an option.

As you have locks for security, similarly if we talk about particular domain conduction on the internet, that is “blogging” or any particular WordPress related things.

There is one of the most beneficial securities named WP Engine introduced in the world of the internet. WP engine protects the WordPress domain hosting as its personal security and deals with any foreign touch which is mainly unsafe to it.

Let me give WP ENGINE REVIEW. You will ultimately get an answer to your question: what is the WP engine?

About WP engine

As most of the people are not aware of the WP engine, let me introduce it to the WP engine. What is it about? How does it work? And everything you want to know. So WP engine is the most recently developed software of the army protector for the domain.

Wp Engine is specialized in protecting the WordPress domain. Now you will think that why only WordPress domain? As per the situation of the world, new trends and business styles are changed and so WordPress is getting very much on demand. Crowds are gathered in different categories of the subjects as well as interest. 

Some are beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel, food bloggers found on it which has become a very trendy way of earning.

Not only is it on-trend but it lets you display your creativity to people and know your interest and creativity. People do rely on such reputed domains to showcase their work. For the reputation of the domain, they need to be foremost safe for the people so that they can completely stay out of worry for the protection of their work. 

The reputation of the domain is preserved on the internet only when it is safe to be there and publish your work hassle-free. WP engine is all about that, it protects your WordPress domain and works as an army for it.

So WP engine is all about protecting your WordPress blog. It has five main plans which include: Startup, Growth, Scale, Premium, and Enterprise. T

he best thing about it is that it has varied benefits to people and various features which helps people in getting into it with a varied range of experience with the proper work done. You every time cannot focus on security as you have all the work you are doing over the internet. 

You should always be free from all such hassles, the best option is to opt for WP engine services. You have to do nothing but just make a WordPress site and one-click on WP engine services.

WP engine is a one-click service provider for us which makes a lot of our work easy and hassle-free. Your domain is safe in the arms of WP engines. Such an enhanced facility provider is one from which you can completely rely upon your business and work. 


There are some magnificent features on the WP engine system which are most popular amongst people using it. Let’s get a ride on its awesome features.


When the word automatic comes, it is a bit relaxing for the people. Whether it is online or offline. If people wish they will eventually get everything in an automatic condition which is good in a way as it saves our time a lot

The migration plugin tool easily allows you to easily migrate your site from another host to WordPress. It is a very easy process and just a one-click process. Automation is one of the greatest features to rely upon. You can easily change or migrate any other domain from another host with the help of the migration plugin feature. Just enter your credentials and everything will do its magic.


Staging sites is one of the important features of the WP engine. As we go shopping, mostly buying any clothes we like to try it out first and see how it looks. You only buy it once you like it and you are comfortable in. similar “staging sites” works a lot more like your trial room. It works as a clone website and lets you try everything you thought for but not sure of publishing it. You can try out a staging site feature before publishing it live. Not only it acts like your trial room but it also sets you free from all the bugs and errors. You can try and test everything such as color, codes, theme plugins, and whatnot. You can choose easily from the main site to staging and vice versa without even disturbing the main or public-facing site. 


Imagine you have multiple businesses and many sister concerns to look upon. You need to create various multiple sites. Or even you need to create multiple sites for your client. Oh just don’t panic, there is another feature of a copy site where you can create various multiple sites and replicate it. With WP Engine’s Copy Site tool you can copy a site that you’ve already completed rather than build it all again from scratch. 


Now you are the user of one of the popular sites, WordPress. If you are a newbie you obviously have a lot more questions regarding the WordPress sites or its protection to it. WP engine reveals all the insecurity of yours regarding WordPress and the experts are always by your side for everything and every obligation and objection. It provides one of the best customer services and they are renowned for it and specialization in providing the services to the people and for the people. Not only providing the expert’s help but whatever objection you are facing in your experience, it takes you out of it immediately and recovers with a blink of an eye.

There are many more features which you will eventually come to know. Above mentioned features were the main features which will make you choose WP engine service for the betterment of your domain hosting on WordPress. 

As we know coins have two sides. Similarly this WP engine has its drawbacks and uses. Let us discuss it further.

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Definitely, there is going to be an alternative to every product you see and get. Similarly, the WP engine is too having an option and alternatives for usage.
Some of them are:

  • Dreamhost
  • Kinsta
  • Godaddy
  • Siteground
  • Hostgator.

Pros And Cons


  • It has 24×7 customer service and support due to which you can solve your problems in a minute.
  • Fast sideloaded times. In order to carry forward your work fast, it is important to carry forward your work in a fast mode. It gives the total facility to load your site in a frequent amount of time in a fraction of seconds.
  • You can easily create a WordPress site by one click and everyone can build it. Hassle-free.
  • It gives the support even to your ideas and does not let your creativity shrink in the sense of progress.
  • WP engine takes care of safety measures so that one can totally focus on the business and its own work. It is a hassle-free process to look upon.
  • Any process you choose to do it from the WP engine, it is an easy process to proceed further. It is no rocket science and does guide in every way possible.
  • There are automatic daily backups where you don’t have to worry about backups or manual setting of taking backups every day. Just rely totally on the WP engine services and sleep tight after your work is done


  • For the maximum support agents, there are enterprise available which again creates a problem in the payment and its terms
  • There are co-branding emails notification popping to all site owners which sometimes get on the nerves of a user.
  • They should enable redirecting the tool to export and import in other sites within WP Engine so that it again gets to an easy process.
  • WP engine only works for the WordPress domain hosting and not with the other sites. As it is the most useful and reliable thing to use everybody would love to accept it in other platforms as well but it is only reliable for WordPress.


Now, this feature is worth paying. You might be wondering if it will be too much to pay for one of the greatest sites. There are plans available for the different facilities to adapt to.

WP Engine Pricing

The Startup plan (1 site) is $25 / month including 25K visits, 10GB storage, and 50GB bandwidth.
Growth (10 sites) is $96 for 100K visits, 20GB storage and 200GB bandwidth.
Scale (30 sites), is $272 for 400K visits, 50GB storage and 500GB bandwidth.

As mentioned in the above pricing statements, we can notice that prices are available according to plan and not to as a whole package. It depends on what number of sites you choose.

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Here one should not look at the pricing but the quality of the work which is served by WP Engine. Quality is worth the price of the brand. WP engine is one of the greatest sources to look upon.

Here you have learned about WP Engine Features, WP Engine Pricing, and its its other perks. Beyond all you have found an offer for 2 free months! Yes that’s right! I am offering you three months for free. This offer is not a free trial offered by the website, but it is rather due to a partnership between SafeeBuy and WP Engine. 

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1. Does it support various site hosting?

No, it is not available for every site hosting, it is available only for WordPress.

2. Is there any condition in which one has to carry out annual backups?

WP engine is known for its automatic service provider, especially the everyday backup process. There is no chance of manual backups.

3. Is WAP engine free?

WP engine is paid at some point in the time where it provides the best facilities and benefits to attain it.

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