InMotion Hosting Review : Best Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS) 2022

A well known industry brand providing quality and reliability. InMotion Hosting review, learn more!

InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion hosting review is one of the most popular and reputed industries as it is associated with its respective brand. It serves us with astounding and super awesome performance on a silver platter. It has been regarded as uniquely exquisite in fields of business hosting. It has been felicitated with higher titles and awards specifically for its highly reliable and amazing management of customer support who have been quite receptive and hospitable in solving the customer’s technical glitches.

Why wouldn’t anyone wish to gain services as feasible as InMotion hosting? Their support is quite unmatchable and highly spectacular. It promotes hosting which has been blessed with required optimizations specifically for an army of bloggers extending very appropriate reliability for enhancing one’s growth. It even provides us with exclusive offers and plans, particularly to its users.

 InMotion hosting review falls short of appreciation for the kind of work they offer and serve customers with. Any operator just like me will always highlight its superpowers and the support it renders.

Let us have a closer look, and unveil more of its highly noticeable characteristics and enjoy its benefits.


InMotion, hosting acquires extraordinary popularity within the spheres and domains of the web hosting industries. They provide its operators and customers with highly beneficial hosting services to a crowd of bloggers, businesses, etc. it renders us quality-driven based services. Letting us experience and notice it’s reliable nature. It is a complete US-based hosting platform with inexplicable features and attributes.

In the following article, we’re going to unleash its qualitative performance in the fields of performance, features, pricing, reliability, and most importantly customer support.


 Reliable Performance

  • InMotion hosting platform has been quite a pro in offering effective stimulates its performance test held at regular intervals specifically designed to test one’s speed, efficacy, and how reliable it seems. Unlike other hosting platforms, it distinguishes itself in this regard, which makes them highly superior and resourceful.

Inclusion of speed test

  • InMotion hosting considers speed tests as one of the most important pillars of constructive and productive performance. Search engines even record and previews the websites which are quite fast and even rank them per that. It is equipped with its speed test to test its abilities in these required terms.

Highly receptive support team

  • In motion includes a quite receptive and a highly responsive team, answering to all your queries within seconds. A good customer support team always helps its users to enhance their performance and get their queries heard and solved as fast as possible. InMotion is much more beyond how it truly looks like. It is a fast, effective, and reliable host  for its customers and audiences.

Important plans

InMotion hosting helps us to avail innumerable or listed plans which incorporates 

  • Shared hosting- it is viable and convenient for beginners and starter is one of the best basic hosting options which is quite friendly.
  • Managed to host- one of the hosting options helping us to manage the overburdened traffic without looking for any help in its technicality.
  • WordPress hosting- just as shared hosting, this plan has been quite designed in a manner meant for the optimization of WordPress oriented websites showering us with extra tools and attributes to enhance one’s performance and security.

Enables integrations with InMotion

  • InMotion hosting is amazing in forming the integrations with apps and collaborating with certain projects. It maintains and connects with google apps as well

Pros and cons


  • The important pros and cons as offered with InMotion hosting is as follows –

90-day money-back guarantee

  •  InMotion hosting specialises in providing us with a 90-day money-back and too with utmost assurance. Usually, other important hosting platforms and companies do not incorporate the same feature. They usually proclaim a 30-day money-back assurance.

Offers SSD drive

  •  Secondly, it offers us with SSD drives instead of the outdated ones, because of which it is equally exceptional and amazing. SSD drives are more efficient than other old drives. Some of it does not offer the storage with SSD and charges additional costs associated with it. But in motion hosting platforms do not follow that, they would want their customers to enjoy the maximum amount of advantage.

Enabling to transfer the website to the required domain

  •  InMotion hosting helps in navigating your website available at others domain reach the required platform where it is needed, without charging a single penny for such a transfer.

Gives a Free SSL certificate

  • It offers us to gain a free SSL required certificate for an e-commerce site, and yet this is what InMotion platform offers us with, which is a free SSL certificate. While other hosting platforms try to consume the maximum money but provide limited services.


The cons associated with InMotion hosting are as follows –

InMotion is quite expensive

  • InMotion hosting plans are not cheap ones, they are quite pricey and expensive.because of the cut-throat competition, it charges following the competition prevailing.

Demands phone verification

  • It demands phone verification from its users and customers, leaving us in no doubt whether it’s a fraud or not. It seems impossible to undertake such a step specifically for the non-US population.

Do not offer billing options

  •  InMotion hosting platforms have plans which do not offer the required billing options especially for the plans meant for the beginners. We can very easily pay for a single plan in 2 years advance. If we opt and look for 2 years we get the maximum discount and yet, the customers with the pro plan can opt for the option of a monthly billing but that too involves the additional cost of about $40.


The pricing associated with the InMotion hosting plans is as follows-

Launch – it is an amazing plan specifically for the starters who are looking for cheap plans to conduct online business.

  • Price- $10.99/month, after a 45% discount on this plan, the actual price of the plan after the discount becomes $5.99/month.
  • Offering a 45% discount on its plan.

Power plan – it incorporates a quite flexible and a powerful plan associated with it. Offering heavy traffic.

  • Price- $14.99/month, after the 60% discount offered on the plan. We obtain this plan under the price of $5.99/month.
  • This is one of the splendid pricing plans. 

Pro plan – stimulates advantage in performance and speed specifically for the websites with complex nature.

  • Price- $23.99/month, but after the discount of about 37%, the actual price of the plan becomes $14.99/month.
  •  This is a plan offering the best value.

Customer support

InMotion Hosting will reach you very easily provided the matter of queries any customer proclaims. If one needs an interrogation with the team regarding the payment, billing, or if someone wishes to gain any account information. The customer support team is always present for its customers 24/7.

Exceptional customer service

  • The speciality of the InMotion customer service team, which is quite brilliant and receptive to its audience.

Ask a question

  • If one is overloaded with loads of questions regarding this hosting platform, they can ask a question and reach out to the community support centre, which will not only help you to find solutions to your problems but even offer you to expand your knowledge by enabling you to grasp some additional information via guides or other tutorials.

The reasons why InMotion hosting customer service is spectacular is because-

Enables communication

The team facilitates and stimulates the communication via channels like email, live chat so that any individual gets heard with the problems affecting them within the hosting platform.


The Team reaches out and speaks to the individuals ranging from a level of a beginner to a level of an expert or professional.they’re quite responsive.

Establishing important attributes

The customer support team establishes the important tutorials, tricks and other important attributes which concern the work of the individuals.

Helpful and quite hospitable

The team is willing to take an extra step, by helping them with their problems,24/7. And too efficiently replying to them.

Quick responses

Any individual can ask a question to the customer support team, they’re going to reach you as fast as they can and that too within 60 minutes from 8 am-9 pm (EST) Monday to Friday.

InMotion gives you the best hosting services.


InMotion hosting is a reliable and trustworthy offering it’s the audience with an exceptional customer service team, followed by very remarkable uptime and with respective efficiency. It’s indeed a gem, needed to be cherished. One won’t get the best facilities and attributes as such a  hosting platform, their introduced and other new plans suits every operator and the indeed turns to a gives us a boost to the blogs and operators

Upgradation in plans meant for hosting, astounding customer support team, and most importantly it’s relentless scalability.

InMotion hosting proved to be an amazing host and a productive assistance.always up with excellent performance and convenient is referred to as a complete renowned and reputed hosting domain up with best features and characteristics.


1. What  is meant by web hosting?

Ans: Web hosting refers to all the services as provided by the hosting provider, offering customers their space which is the plan meant for hosting along with the data provided on the server. InMotion hosting helps us and gives us an ability to function as a host .data mentioned in the domain belongs to us and even offers numerous hosting plans.

2. How can any individual upgrade their hosting plan?

Ans: Any individual can upgrade their hosting plan only via web hosting plan namely AMP or account management panel. Upgradation turns out to be extremely quick, easy, faster. whenever the up-gradation completes, it receives an email specifically from the administration.

If one has innumerable domains, we can facilitate the required up-gradation of any of our account.

3. What is the uptime rate as presented by InMotion, hosting platform?

Ans: The uptime rate as presented and laid out by the hosting platform is 99.9% marked by its efficiency, remarkability, and security. Particularly meant for the customers and the other business-related activities

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