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Hostinger Review

In the age of digitalization and times when most of the businesses today have come on online platforms, web hosting is not something that individuals and users would believe that they would need to build an online platform, but this is a technology that you would require to function your website smoothly with web hosting bein one of the pillars of the internet. 

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With features like having smooth functioning of your favourite websites, podcasts, ebooks, videos, etc. would be very inconvenient and slow with the times of everything needing to be fast and be done in the blink of an eye, and without web hosting, this wouldn’t be possible.  Considering that having a website online would help your offline business grow, it would be great to consider a good web host.

With that being said, one of the websites which is leading in the market for its services and web hosting services is Hostinger which is an option that you may want to consider with the features and plans that it offers which is very secure and dependable which would make your company make a mark online in no time. 


Hostinger as compared to other web hosting services and their competitors also offers shared web hosting services. This essentially means that the website that you would want to put up on the internet would also be sharing the same server with other websites using the services which means a lot of the websites would share a single server’s sources. With a cost-effective pricing plan, they have three shared web hosting plans which are Single plan, Premium and business.

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With that being said, Hostinger is a platform that ensures you have a shared hosting platform for small and medium businesses, you would have a cloud hosting services that ensure you have a smooth outlook for all the large-scale projects that you would want to host, email hosting which will ensure you could promote your business on an automated level to focus on other aspects of the business and WordPress hosting where you would be provided with optimized solutions tailored for your specific business requirements. 


With being a well-known platform for shared hosting services, they ensure that you are provided with features that would work well with the prices that they charge. A few of which are discussed below:

  • Shared Web Hosting

Like many of its competitors, they have very easy to set up shared web hosting services where an individual who is just starting out or who has no knowledge of coding or website development can create their own website in a blink of an eye with Hostinger. 

However, it would be shared alongside other websites which can be cost-effective for businesses just starting out. They have three shared web hosting plans which include Single, Premium and Business that have features that you can choose from depending on business requirements.

  • VPS Web Hosting

Hostinger as a platform would provide you with six Linux-based plans and four Windows-based plans which would be the minimum web-hosting tier you would want in terms of having additional resources that you may want to work with. 

  • WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress is one of the largest content management platforms in the world, Hostinger is known to have its WordPress hosting which is known to be very excellent. Its specs in terms of WordPress hosting has three categories which consist of Lite, Swift and Turbo which ensures features which are unique to each of the category.

  • Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud web hosting is one area which involves which is powered by several different servers. With Hostinger, you would have three different tiers which include: Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional, and Cloud Enterprise. Each of the tiers has its own features and pricing that you could choose according to your business at that point.

  • Reseller Hosting

You could choose this feature if you would be looking at self-hosting your own platform and online website but do not want to deal with infrastructure issues. 

Hostinger in this feature would ensure that you would be able to set up your website with a personal touch and host your website with the right amount of support that may be needed.

  • Setting up a website

Hostinger is known for its features and options for website hosting is also known to have its own website builder which you may want to use. One of the major drag-and-drop functionality would help you to customize your own website alongside a personal touch that would make it more attractive.

You could also use videos, slideshows, contact forms, social media links and many more to ensure credibility to your website. The option of the file manager is also a part and a function to ensure you can manually upload documents of your requirements.

  • eCommerce and security

Hostinger is known for having a variety of secure eCommerce links that is an integration that you may want to use to make your website to grow and make money in the long run.

They ensure utmost security in terms of hosting your eCommerce integrations which are accompanied by features like SSL certificates with some plans that they offer which essentially means that it is a technology that would secure the channel between your connection and your visitors’ connection. 

  • Customer service

This is one feature that is required to set apart any platform or product. Hostinger is a web hosting platform that would help in a way you would have 24×7 service via webchat. Any question, query or assistance required at any point of time would have quick answers and responses by the dedicated customer support team.

However, if you are seeking for phone support, in this case, there would be a lack of a human connect as most of the answers and replies are robust or automated.

  • Quality Uptime

With a web to be hosted well, one of the key features and quality that is needed and required, uptime is one area that each platform that is a key measurement of your website’s availability. A good Uptime ensures you have an impression of security, reliability and dependability. And needless to say, Hostinger is a hosting platform that ensures you can depend and rely on them for the safety of data and ensuring you have your website hosted in no time.

  • Featured WebHost in its niche

They are a web host that would provide you with several packs depending on the pricing that you choose with is linked to your email and a website that you could have dedicated access for Linux as well as for Windows systems alongside telephone-based support.

Pros and Cons


  • Outstanding customer service
  • Excellent uptime testing
  • Pocket-friendly pricing
  • Reliable and secure to use


  • You would not find month on month hosting plans
  • Dedicated hosting is unavailable
  • Dedicated hosting and phone support is currently unavailable
  • Windows-based servers are unavailable and the platform hosting is based on a single email

Pricing Plans

The pricing plans of Hostinger is as given:

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The pricing plans involve:

  • Single plan for $59 which is a monthly charge that lets you host only one website and one email account
  • A premium plan for $119 which is charged on a monthly basis that provides you with an unlimited website hosting alongside email, 20GB data storage and monthly data transfers.
  • Business plan charged on a monthly basis which is $219 ensuring features of the Premium Plan is offered with an added set of features like SSL certificate as well as processing power which is double the size.

All the plans with Hostinger come with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

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After a brief discussion of pros and cons, features and benefits and an overview of Hostinger, it is safe to say that you would get dedicated VPS resources to upscale your business, and Minecraft your experience which is another feature of the platform.  Hostinger is known to be extremely fast to set up, user-friendly, and secure platform that you could use for your business requirements as well as secure online projects that you would be conducting. 

With the three packages provided by Hostinger, they ensure you have processing power and memory, websites, disk space, free domain registration for Premium Pack and Business Pack, they are known to provide more features like 24x7x365 customer service as well as webmail access. Alongside 99.99% uptime guarantee, they also provide a powerful control panel to ensure it is user friendly for individuals that are not well versed with website coding or HTML.

They surely are a pocket-friendly hosting platform ensuring you have domain checker and domain transfer options which is a plus. However, as reliable and affordable the web hosting platform is, it lacks Windows servers, independent hosting plans and phone support to ensure you have multiple devices access. 

What is more critical, essential and commendable is that you could add your own documents through file manager and also have weekly backups as well. They will have assistance towards WordPress and ensuring a gliding and efficient way of creating and hosting your own website in ease.

Needless to say, Hostinger is a platform you would want to choose if you are looking at shared hosting wherein you could quickly set up your business online within no time.


A few frequently asked questions about Hostinger would be covered in this segment:

Why do you think Hostinger is a better platform?

  • Hostinger as a platform is incomparable in terms of pricing.
  • They provide shared WP, cloud and email hosting.
  • You could advertise your online company by their up game advertising strategies.

Is Hostinger good for hosting in India?

A simple answer to this question is yes. It is a great website to host your website if you are starting out new due to pricing reasons and features that they provide with each of their pricing plans.

With ensuring that you have multiple features that you could choose from, they also ensure you have a 30-day money-back guarantee ensuring you have all the necessary support if you require at the time of functioning.

Catering to enterprises that are starting out, they have plans that cater to new budding enterprises as well as existing enterprises as well.

What is the quality of the web hosting service- Hostinger?

Hostinger is one hosting platform for your website that ensures you could plan, track and release your own projects and platform on the website which ensures you can host your website in ease and quickly as well.

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