HostGator Review | Best Scalability for Price 2022

I see that you are interested in our HostGator Review? Did the name catch your eye? Let me tell you what HostGator is.

HostGator Review

Well, HostGator is a clever play on the words web hosting and alligator. Why? HostGator is one of the many award-winning web hosting services, which will make your life easier, and your online business stronger. 

Gator Website Builder

Of course, everyone is one social media these days, why not sell my products there? The answer is quite simple. When people browse through social media, they will click on the link, and if they’re led to just another Facebook page, you may lose some credibility. A nice, creative, aesthetic website, will definitely lead to customers wanting more!

And that’s just what HostGator helps you with. Are you on a budget? No problem. You have around twenty pricing plans to choose from. HostGator is flexible, caters to every web hosting need imaginable, and offers an easy-going approach for beginners in the world of digital business.

What does it do? 

We are in the digital age! At present blogging is becoming extremely popular, be it for advancing your business, or for recreation. Did a  lightbulb flare-up over your head? If you have a revolutionizing idea and want to share with a larger audience, then start a blog and you are ready to go. 

But as you start your blog, you will require two things, web hosting and a domain name for your blog site. Without these two aspects, your content cannot go live on the internet. 

That is where Hostgator comes into play. To be precise, it provides web hosting. The services it provides will help you host your website on the net. It sells the domain names for your sites online, which you need to purchase before starting your blogs. 

What does it offer? 

One of the most used web service providers certainly have some fascinating deals which push more and more customers to use it. 

HostGator Web Hosting
  • It offers very affordable pricing plans. Wonder how much it might cost? Well, it’s just $2.75 a month. Depending on your choice of hosting term the price might differ by slim margins. 
  • Here, you can use a free domain name with annual hosting which might cost around $4.99.
  • The customers are provided with free SSL certificates. If you are pondering over what an SSL certificate is, then we can simply put it as SSL certificates are those which personalize your information and keep details like login credentials and credit card payment secure. 
  • With a technical support team available 24/7, Hostgator is always hands-on for its customers. Anytime you get stuck up or have a query about your site, you can easily contact them. They can correspond to you through email, chat, and phone. 
  • Hostgator is very user friendly. You need not necessarily be a tech-savvy to avail of its services and start your blog site. With a simple click with word press, a site can be created using any of their site builders like Magento, Drupal, etc. 


By catering to the customer’s needs, the features have been meticulously designed which helps the platform to stand out amongst its contemporaries. 

Some of the notable features are:

  • Web hosting:  It can host your web in numerous ways, depending on how you choose it to be. You can anyone from Windows shared hosting, Linux reseller hosting, Linux dedicated servers,  Virtual Private Servers, and Windows dedicated servers. 
  • SSL certificates: Concerned about the customer’s security, Hostgator provides these SSL certificates. They have a plethora of varieties for these SSL certificates. Wildcard SSL and Private SSL to name a few. 
  • Registration of domain name: Hostgator helps you complete a crucial step in the process of creating your own blog site. It not only helps you to register a domain name but also assists you to transfer it to Hostgator. 
  • Module and script installation: It makes the installation process hassle-free as it has auto-installers. 
  • cPanel control:  Your account gets managed by cPanel, which is an interface of the industry standard. 

Web hosting features of Hostgator

When it comes to web hosting, none can surpass Hostgator. It is not only user friendly and flexible but also has an unmetered bandwidth. Users can choose from unlimited subdomains, email accounts, and FTP accounts. In addition to a 99.9% uptime guarantee, it upholds customer gratification by issuing a 45-day money-back guarantee. 

HostGator Web Hosting

Let’s see what the following types of hosting have to offer:

  • Shared web hosting -Linux: It is a basic form of hosting and quite affordable. Only audio and video streaming are allowed. It has no custom branding, 1 cPanel, and no WHM. On purchase of a yearly package or more, you will be provided with a free domain. 
  • Shared web hosting -windows: This too is basic and affordable. Like Linux shared hosting, it has no custom branding. In an hour, only 500 outgoing emails are permitted per domain. Keep in mind, this cannot be operated through a remote desktop. 
  • Virtual Private Server- Linux:   Best for WordPress,  this is cost-effective and is resolute in providing the best services to the customers. Unlike the above two, it has branding available for Cpanel and WHM. 

Pros and cons 

So, what features make HostGator a great choice? Here are the pros offered: 

  • Leave your worry of a slow site, at the door! HostGator offers a spectacularly fast uptime (close to 100 percent).
  • Save yourself from a wallet crunch, with HostGator! It is more affordable than some of its competitors!
  • Space constraints? No worries! HostGator has your back. There is zero disk space restriction.
  • You are given access to some great features, useful for building your blog.
  • In case you are transferring from another provider, HostGator will save you the hassle of migration, free of cost!
  • You have a 45-day money-back guarantee if you have a change of heart.

Why would someone not recommend HostGator to you? Here are the cons, listed out for you:

  • Unlike many of its competitors, HostGator does not come with a domain address, which can be quite the bummer.
  • According to some reviews, customer support is a bit slow. Sadly, English is the only mode of communication. 
  • Though there is an extensive security suite, HostGator does not offer great protection against OS attacks.


Everyone loves a good bargain, right? Not only does HostGator offer flexible billing- you can choose between monthly plans and yearly one- they offer almost twenty different payment options for you to choose from! No, you did not read that wrong! Twenty! Here are the packages available, under broad classifications:

  • Shared Hosting: If you have low traffic, or are a beginner, then this pricing category is the best option for you! Plans under this package start at around $2.75 per month. It can be further subdivided as follows:
  • Hatchling Plan: This is the cheapest option available if you’re just exploring different web hosting options. By paying $2.75 a month, you get basic features and are allowed to host only a single site. 
  • Baby Plan: The middle child, the Baby Plan at $6.96 per month, has all the features of the previous plan, but with the ability to host multiple sites.
  • Business Plan: The name says it all! The business plan, at $10.46, is for small business ventures and allows the attachment of an e-commerce site.
  • Cloud Hosting: With features similar to shared hosting, cloud hosting is suited for you, if your site tends to generate a lot of traffic. Under this, there are three pricing plans, similar to the shared option. The lowest one starts at $6.26.
  • VPS Server: This plan, starting at $11.97 per month, is suitable for those with a growing internet following, to manage all that internet traffic. It has five different pricing options, depending on the disk space that you require for hosting.
  • Dedicated Server: Suitable for large business, this package, ranging from $105 to $225, gives you access to your own server. But with great power comes great responsibility! Maintaining the server is left completely to you. This plan has four pricing ranges, with different bandwidth and space options.
  • WordPress Hosting: Did you use WordPress to develop your website? Then this is the plan for you! There are three different price ranges, starting from just $5.97. 

Whew! That was quite a lot, right? For more detailed pricing options, you can always visit the HostGator website, where it is displayed in a clear and fun way!

Final thoughts 

HostGator sure runs a great bargain, when it comes to catering to everyone’s budget. 

Gator Website Builder

Whether your business is small or big, and no matter where you took your first steps towards web hosting, HostGator does not discriminate. 

Its interface is quite simple, and practical and you get some great features to go with a great pricing range. It’s an award-winning web hosting service, which caters to every need of its customers. 

Well, sure, it has its cons, but nobody is perfect, isn’t it?  So, will you be using this great web hosting provider to reap awesome benefits? No matter what your ideas and visions for your business, HostGator has got your back!


Just like every person is different, you might have different web hosting services, tailored to your needs. Let’s look at some competitors:

  • Bluehost: oh, this surely is a name that is quite popular in the field, Bluehost offers a domain address on signing up and slightly better customer support as compared to HostGator.
  • Dreamhost: If the security of HostGator concerns you, then Dreamhost may be the perfect fit for you. It offers somewhat similar features to HostGator, with customization options. 
  • WP Engine: If you want WordPress hosting, similar to HostGator, then switch over to WP Engine. However, be flexible with your budget to avail of its top-of-the-range features.
  • Kinsta: Looking for a combination of WordPress hosting, top-notch security, great customer support, and amazing features?  Then Kinsta is tailor-made for you. It even has a range of pricing options to suit your budget!


Does HostGator allow me to purchase a domain address?

Yes! You can purchase your domain name from HostGator itself, regardless of whether they’re your web hosting providers. You can also choose country domains, for your address extensions.

Can I transfer an existing website to HostGator?

Uh-huh, Absolutely! HostGator offers a hassle-free process of migrating a blog or having to start over from scratch. The best part? It’s absolutely free for thirty days from when you subscribe.

How do I access HostGator customer support?

You can do this through 24 x 7 chatbots on HostGator. You can also drop them a call or an email. If there is a lack of response or the requirement is urgent, you can always go through their online library, to access tutorials and articles.   

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