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Are you all about eco friendly practices? Check out this GreenGeeks Review; all about going green!


The brand name says about the unique quality it holds. “GreenGeeks“, an eco-friendly web-host provider. It spread wings all around the world which even included highly rated companies. GreenGeeks facilities and fulfill any requirement of the user.

GreenGeeks deals with WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and many more. GreenGeeks promises to provide Swift, scalable, and secure hosting. They provide round the clock services intending to provide the best web hosting experience to the users.

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From the day of launch in 2008, it has been the leading industry to provide eco-friendly web hosting services.

Thinking about “eco-friendly web hosting”? Well, look no further, read on and learn all about GreeenGeeks!


As a web host provider, GreenGeeks is unique in its way,

  • It stands for being eco-friendly,
  • It provides advanced technology and infrastructure,
  • Various data centers are established around the world which helps in the smooth flow of hosting and provides a good experience.

It even further provides features like all-time customers support services, 99.9%run time guarantee, in case of unsatisfactory services 30-day money refund policy.

As said earlier, GreenGeeks is not skimp on technology and performance, it aims at using renewable resources and provides eco-friendly effective service to the users.

Green Greek even holds carbon credits, carbon credits refers to the host companies who utilize the renewable resource to power data centers or who purchase carbon powers, and GreenGeeks joins the club of carbon credits as it balances  300% of usage.

GreenGeeks is also recognized as an EPA green power partner by an environmental protection agency.

Green Greek provides different spaces from all three different hostage plans

  • Space to create as many websites as one wish as it supports unlimited domains.
  • Stores data in SSD and data transfers
  • Allows the user to register a free domain
  • Provides GreenGeeks website building
  • Provides portable website
  • No limit to email inboxes
  • Provide CND.

GreenGeeks is a user-friendly web hosting brand as one can understand by its <URL> dashboard. 

The dashboard is so easy to use as it facilitates the user to access the domains, add software to the server, check users, email accounts, and many more.

The control panel provides several other characteristics as an addition to a standard control panel. Which include:

1.supplementry SEO tools

2.additional spam prevention 

3. Ease of using search functions.

4.web developer

5.safaculous app installer.


1) Average Uptime

It is an awesome feature offered by GreenGeeks as it guarantees its users an uptime of 99.90%. And, no doubt the company has lived up to its promise. In reality, it is challenging for some websites to hit that target and according to the analysis done in the last 24 months, the GreenGeeks has reached an uptime touching at 99.98%.

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2) Loading Time is Outstanding

The web host speed is far better than above other industries and clocking time to load is approximately 445mms. Yes, it comes in the top list of hosts ranking 10. The loading page here showcases true excellent performance.

3) Best Support and Flexible Answers

Within one minute, you are availed and handled by the customer agent to support and hold your grievances. We furnish your questions easily and concisely. We support services 24 hours into 365 days.

Tutorials and hosting like VPS, seller, and sales are also provided by the GreenGeeks.

4) Name of the Domain and Website Migration free of cost

Domain name transfers and registration are provided free of cost by GreenGeeks. As long for the time you are availing of their services, you can have the domain name for free. GreenGeeks will transfer the website you’ve hosted from somewhere else. Isn’t it the best feature a company can offer you?

5) Guarantee of Returning money

All the hosting plans have almost this option available with them. Without any questioning, if you no longer wish to avail of the services, then your money will be returned in about 30 days.

6) Back-ups at night

You can always have a sound sleep of not worrying about the data as it is always backed up regularly. Sometimes, bad people with wrong intentions can get it in your way to steal the data but with GreenGeeks there is no chance of losing your information.

 The company offers you span affiliation assurance, programmed brute drive security, and the capacity of watchword securing your catalogs. It is among the most excellent web facilitating administrations that grant clients such astounding nighty reinforcements.

7) Softaculous apps:

To the users of CMS ( content management system ), GreenGeeks provides a 1-click installation feature known as Softaculous.

GreenGeeks doesn’t stop with these features, it has many more.

And if someone is looking forward to an effective and efficient web host, then GreenGeeks is one such service provider.

Customer Support

If you need to coordinate bolster, you’ll be able to contact the company through live chat, mail, and phone. You will get an exceptionally solid phone back from the company during commerce hours. In any case, you’ll reach the client bolster specialists utilizing the live chat 24/7/365. 

Once your interface is through the mail, GreenGeeks claims to give you a hold-up time of 15 to 20 minutes. However, GreenGeeks does not offer any gathering bolster. Be that as it may, it has a web offer assistance center that incorporates FAQs and a searchable information base to assist their clients in investigating the common web facilitating administrations. 

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Pros and cons 


  • Green Geek is fast and quick.
  • Risk-free 30 days Money Back Guarantee.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Reliable with uptime 99.8%
  • They have content, banners, and landing pages.
  • Hosting is stable. It’s an evergreen product.
  • As you evaluate the product on the website, you look at the prices and they are pretty decent. 


  • Industry-standard pricing manipulation.
  • Questionable Refund Policy.
  • Best rates require long contracts. 
  • Domain renewals are pricey. 
  • No 24/7 phone support. 
  • Don’t take ‘Unlimited’ too literally. 
  • Set up and domain fees aren’t refundable.
  • It can be a bit misleading when it comes to pricing. 

Pricing Plans

GreenGeeks offers you a variety of hosting plans.

These hosting plans are as follows:-

1) Shared Hosting

2) VPS Hosting         

3) Reseller Hosting

Pricing of Shared Hosting:-

It is the best plan for beginners. There are 3 types of plans in Shared Hosting

1) Lite Plan

2) Pro Plan

3) Premium Plan

Lite Plan:-                                                                                                

“It is made for the ones that are getting started with small blogs or websites”.  

It includes the following features:-

1) Applicable on 1 website

2) Data Transfer is unlimited.

3) It provides free CDN.

The price of this pack is $2.95/mo.

Pro plan:-

“If you wish to outgrow your websites with sufficient resources and require more speed, then this plan is perfect for you”.

Features of this plan are:-

1) It has unlimited websites.

2) It provides you 2x performance.

3) Comes with a free SSL Certificate.

$5.96/mo. Is the price of this package.

Premium Plan:-

“It goes well for small businesses online.”


1) It also includes unlimited websites.

2) It gives you 4x performance.

3) It has Green Match Energy of 300%.

The price of this plan is $11.96/mo.

Pricing of VPS Hosting:-

To manage web traffic, VPS is hosted to drive it smoothly.

 3 types of plans are:-

1) 2GB

2) 4GB

3) 8GB

2GB Plan:-

“It is fast and affordable to manage VPS.”

The following features are:-

1) It has 10 GB transfer.

2) It has a free website transfer.

$39.95/mo is the price of the plan.

4 GB:-

“It is of the best value and selling managed VPS”.

Some of its features are:-

1) It has 4vCPU.

2) It has a free SSL Certificate.

The price of the plan is $59.95/mo.

8 GB:-

“It has high-powered managed VPS”.


1) It has 6vCPU.

2) It provides you a Softaculous License.

This plan starts at $109.95.

Pricing of Reseller Hosting:-

It is usually useful to generate more profits in your pockets.

3 types of plans are:-                                                                                                           

1) RH-25

2) RH-50

3) RH-80


“It is fast and affordable of Reseller Hosting”

The following features are:-

1) It has an SSD Disk Space of 60 GB.

2) Transfer of 600GB.

3) 25c Panel Accounts.  

$19.95/mo is the price of the plan.


“It is the best selling Reseller Plan”.

Some of its features are:-

1) It has an SSD Disk Space of 80 GB.

2) Transfer of 800GB.

3) 50c Panel Accounts.

The price of the plan is $24.95/mo.


“It has the most Powerful Reseller Plan”.


1) It has an SSD Disk Space of 160 GB.

2) Transfer of 1600 GB.

3)  80c Panel Accounts.

This plan starts at $34.95.


GreenGeeks is the best web hosting until now in my view. The uptime and SSD storage is super fast with advanced technology. It is a renewable energy source hosting with advanced technology being used. 

Comprehensive knowledge-based topped with responsive support – if you have questions regarding your web hosting, you can count on their responsive support team to answer them.

Alternatively, you can check out their knowledge base to get step-by-step instructions for all essential tasks. Surprisingly powerful – Despite using clean energy, GreenGeeks is more than capable of delivering world-class performance. Multiple tests have shown they’re more than able to maintain high uptimes and fast page loading pages. 

If you want to go there but when you sign-up and when you’re approved you get a unique tracking URL just simply share the link wherever it is that you are and you want to refer people back. When the person comes back to green geeks and buys hosting that is when you will get a commission. In this program, you will only get paid if someone else buys hosting. 


1)How does GreenGeeks help?

GreenGeeks upgrades and maintains its servers. GreenGeeks has a CPanel which also has other hosting options such as shared web hosting. It comes with some standard account managers to configure some options, even the most basic ones present. GreenGeeks is fast and eco-friendly. It is surprisingly powerful – despite using clean energy. 

2. How to choose a web host?

A good web host will load your site almost immediately. You will have minimal to no downtime at all. It won’t get expensive year after year and will help you in your business to make more money and choosing the right web is important. 

3. Is GreenGeeks any good?

Greengeeks are one of the fastest shared hosting services you’ll ever come across. It is fast and quick. It also has 30 Days Risk-Free money-back guarantee. Reliable yo time with 99.8%. Customer support is top-notch and customer satisfaction is 100%

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