BlueHost Review | Best Web Hosting for Beginners 2022

Starting your online business venture soon? What made you click on this Bluehost Review? Are you confused about choosing from the variety of web hosting services out there? Yeah, I would be too.


While doing your research on starting a business website or blog, you must have stumbled across WordPress. Here’s an interesting fact! WordPress currently endorses only three hosting services, Bluehost is one of them! Gives Bluehost a slight edge, doesn’t it?

Now you may be thinking, can’t I just advertise my business through Instagram and Facebook? Well, my friend, that task is not nearly as easy as it seems. If you’re itching to see your business become a huge success, you’ll have to go against those instincts and sign up for any of the web hosting services in the market!

Don’t get me wrong, Bluehost is not for newbies alone! They offer tons of advanced features, for those who are familiar with the web hosting world.

Starting a business from scratch is daunting in itself. Spending a good amount of your hard-earned money, investing in a web hosting service that does not suit your business needs, can be a hair-pulling experience. Let me break down the popular web hosting service Bluehost for you, in short.


In the year 2003, when the digital age was still a toddler in the world, Danny and Matt had a brainwave! Why not help people create their websites and blogs, themselves? And hence, the Bluehost web hosting service was born. Great ideas, big money!  Since its founding, Bluehost has surely come a long way. 

So, what is so special about Bluehost? Name any possible thing that you may need for your website, and Bluehost has got your back. Dedicated server? Check! Site builder? You got it! Tutorials, help to manage WordPress? Yes, Bluehost is the complete package deal, that is cheap and highly efficient. It’s also no rocket science, it’s simple and straightforward to use. 

What does it do? 

So what is Bluehost? What does it do? Why am I coming across it everywhere? In simple words, Bluehost is an inexpensive web hosting provider, which is great for beginners. Did that go over your head? Let’s break it down.  

Bluehost is a helping hand that simplifies the process of starting an online business site or a blog to advertise your business. It offers a variety of supporting features and services, to make the process easy for you. You do not have to stress over creating a site with no prior experience or hire an expensive web developer, with Bluehost. It’s as easy as the alphabet! 

Among the gazillions of new business people out there, Bluehost has become increasingly popular, largely because of its easy-to-use interface and WordPress expertise. It also offers a good variety of pricing options, so that you can make an informed choice, that best suits your online venture.  

What do they offer? 

There are a lot of Bluehost offers when it comes to hosting. But something like domain name, VPS, etc is definitely available. So, let’s get a deeper understanding of the things we are provided with here. 

  • Domain name- while they may not be the cheapest, you can get domain names under Bluehost directly. They come with a starting price of $17.99 each year. 
  • Dedicated servers- it is great for you to create a truckload of traffic. If anything, you can think of this as an isolated house in the middle of woods without any humans in a 200 radius diameter. 
  • VPS- well, for those of you who have a roommate, you can see this as the curtain between your beds. How? Well, it acts like that curtain between your projects and your clients’ projects when you share the server with them.
  • Divided hosting- this can be thought of as a school and you are a teacher there. You teach at the same school but have other teachers teach with you. The server you share will be the school and the space of hosting will be your classroom. 
  • The hosting- Bluehost provides a WordPress hosting area which is advanced for the usage of WordPress sites. Although, it does start at a slightly expensive rate of about $29.99 per month. 

The shared hosting details under Bluehost 

Well, knowing the details of what you would be a part of is always a plus point. So, let’s not waste any time and get to the details! 

  • The email rating: you can make up to 5 email accounts in the basic plan while hundreds can be sent in the higher plans. Keep in mind that there is a limit to how many emails you can send in an hour and the limit is 500 emails. 
  • The databases: the limit for making the databases is 20 in the basic tier while it’s unlimited in other tiers. Plus, the maximum amount of databases you can use is 3 GB.
  • The applications: feel free to add apps like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc but you do not have to do that manually! Yes, they have an automatic installer. Also, do not forget that Bluehost’s WordPress installer can add apps you would not wish to have, so, remember to delete them later on. 
  • The server location: sadly, they only operate well in the United States and Canada.  
  • Webspace amount: the basic plan offers about 50 GB of space which isn’t bad. Although, the other packages offer an infinite number of web spaces. However, the maximum number of files you are allowed is 200,000 in all plans except the pro plan. This plan offers about 300,000 files. 


Still here? That’s great! Let us have a look at the features that make Bluehost a popular choice. 

Ease of use: Bluehost’s interface is easy to get a grasp on, even if you know nothing about creating a blog. There are familiar icons to access a variety of features. You can even customize the arrangement of these icons, as per your liking and frequency of use. Efficient right?

Security: Worried about your invaluable business being hacked or lost? Leave that fear aside, with Bluehost’s security suite, which offers data encryption and spam protection. Your data is also backed-up daily, in case you accidentally lose your data. 

Website creation: Minimal or extravagant, feel free to create a magical website however you like it! Various site builders compatible with Bluehost, such as Weebly, give you this wonderful opportunity. You can even create a mobile-friendly site!

Want to add more? Bluehost’s dashboard gives you access to a large number of useful apps and plugins to help you create your site with some quirks. You can add pricing displays, calendars, and even a complete shopping cart!

WordPress Integration: As you read earlier, Bluehost is one of three hosting services officially recognized by WordPress. Why does this give Bluehost the extra edge? This integration equals a high level of optimization and efficiency. You also get the added bonus of discovering amazing themes for your site!

Tutorials: What if you struggle to find your footing? No need to run to customer support immediately! Bluehost offers helpful tutorials to give you tips to manage and develop your blog. Like a great mentor offering advice, you even get marketing tips! 

Performance: A faster loading speed, equals more customers on your site. More customers, more money! This is just another feather on Bluehost’s cap. The web hosting service also boasts of nearly 100 percent uptime. Excellent, right?

Pros and cons 

Well, let’s a look at all the benefits we get access to when using Bluehost


  • Oh, You do not have to worry about your traffic being reduced here. They won’t lay a finger on your fandom.
  • There is an integration library. 
  • It’s super affordable which is a really good thing if you don’t plan on using this for a long while. 
  • The storage capacity is great.
  • You get a 30-day cost-free use here!  
  • The uptime tests are some things most customers admire when using Bluehost

Wish there was a world as perfect as the word perfect? Me too. But sadly, none of our wishes are coming true anytime soon. So, let’s get to the cons you would be facing if you choose to use Bluehost. 


  • While it is cheap, the renewal cost is pretty high. 
  • The support provided here isn’t as great as you would like to think.
  • Although the uptime tests are good, the speed they work in isn’t. 



  • The first-term price- $2.95 per month. 
  • The renewal price- $8.99 per month.
  • You get access to one website only.
  • Only one domain is allowed. 
  • The performance is standard. 
  • Storage is available for about 50 GB.
  • Basic backup.


  • The first-term price- $5.45 each month. 
  • The renewal price- $12.99 each month. 
  • Infinite numbers of websites available. 
  • So is the number of domains.
  • The performance is standard here as well. 
  • Unlimited storage! Yes! 
  • The backup is basic

Choice plus-

  • The first-term price- $5.45 a month. 
  • The renewal price- $16.99 a month.
  • An unlimited number of websites.
  • An unlimited number of domains. 
  • Standard performance. 
  • The storage is unlimited here. 
  • Oh, it’s an advanced backup!  


  • The first-term price- $13.95/month.
  • Renewal price- $25.99/month.
  • The quantity of websites you get access to is endless.
  • And so is the quantity of domains.
  • High-level performance! 
  • There’s no fixed storage quantity. 
  • Advanced backup. 

Bluehost Extras

What’s better than getting a few free extras, when you pay for a subscription right? Though already quite cheap, Bluehost offers some exciting, free add-ons:

  • Credits worth $150, which you can splurge on advertising on Yahoo and Google Adwords.
  • A site builder, with an easy drag-and-drop feature, to create your site.
  • Domain name registration for free, with fifteen domain extensions to choose from.
  • Security features such as anti-spam, which are otherwise rare.
  • Free up-gradation, in the middle of a subscription cycle, without paying the difference between the plans. 

Final thoughts 

Bluehost is a website many ranked #1 when it comes to hosting. 

While they offer a lot of features and hosting plans, they have their downfalls. 

The speed they work with might get frustrating if you aren’t a patient person or really annoying to work with in case you are in a hurry. Also, while they may be friendly to use, the customer support isn’t quick to respond, so it might take a while before you find answers to your questions.

Although, apart from their bad side, we can look at how cheap and affordable the plans are. Also, the way the uptime scores functioned was impressive. It would be a great option for you if you are just starting up and use the tools all while updating to the newer plans as you grow!  


If you still feel apprehensive about Bluehost, here are a few alternatives to Bluehost, and how they compare to it. 

  • GoDaddy: Another popular choice amongst customers for web hosting services is GoDaddy. However, GoDaddy has quite a few hidden costs to unlock all of its advanced features and is also quite expensive in comparison to Bluehost. 
  • SiteGround: If you are looking for most of Bluehost’s features, but with better customer support, head on to SiteGround. Just like Bluehost, SiteGround also offers a great automated security suite. It is however slightly more expensive in comparison to Bluehost.
  • GreenGeeks: The name says it all! If you are concerned about Mother Earth or are trying to sell an organic, environment-friendly product or service, GreenGeeks is the friend you need! In terms of pricing packages, it lies in the same price range, as Bluehost.
  • Hostgator: Need something at an even lower price range? Then maybe Hostgator is more suited to your needs. More minimal as compared to Bluehost, Hostgator has few more extra features, such as marketing credits. 


Is it possible to use a 3rd party email for the hosting? 

Yes! You can use an external email party for WordPress hosting.

How can you change the name of your domain? 

Well, it ain’t hard because all you have to do is give the official website a call and be ready with both your primary domain, now and the new one, and the last four of your password. 

Are you provided with a backup option here? 

Oh, yes! You get a backup policy but they aren’t guaranteed. We suggest that you create and handle your backups, yourself.  

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